Brenda Vrielink – BSN, RN, CPM

Passionate about increasing a woman’s right to informed choices in pregnancy, Brenda Vrielink is mother to 7 wonderful children herself-six of whom were born at home. Following a four-year degree in Nursing, and subsequent hospital experience as an RN, she studied midwifery and attended home births with an experienced direct entry midwife for 3 years. She earned certification by the North American Registry of Midwives as a Professional Midwife in 2013.  Along with equipping and supporting women throughout the child-bearing year, she enjoys many hobbies, including hiking, kayaking, travel, photography, digital scrap booking, Photoshop, baking and gardening .


Brenda works with an assistant who is trained in lifesaving techniques. The assistant at your birth will be determined by several factors, including location and date of birth. You will have an opportunity to meet the assistant at a prenatal visit.